About Us

Who are CLEO Systems?

CLEO Systems provides a new breed of patient management solution. Our user-friendly systems are designed in collaboration with clinical experts to improve operational efficiency and clinical safety whilst keeping patients at the heart of your service. We understand that no one knows your patient pathway like you do, so we work together to flexibly match the exact needs of your care setting. 

Digital innovation

Being a part of a social enterprise and having the unique chance to collaborate with in-house clinicians is what sets us apart. We have no shareholders, so we price competitively. Our approach is to reinvest any profits back into the business so we achieve maximum patient benefits. By focusing on digital innovations to redefine your services, you will be able to:

Improve existing processes so that they are faster and more accurate while still being clinically safe

Ensure that your services can deliver efficient patient care, in the right setting

Enhance the patient pathway so that care and onward referrals are managed smoothly and can be easily reported against

Every product we make is interoperable – we believe it’s critical to the future of healthcare. Interoperability means our solutions can work seamlessly alongside existing systems. It lets us add elements such as Electronic Prescribing or Digital Appointment Booking into host systems easily and effectively, expanding your urgent care digital capabilities.

Our fully integrated, interoperable suite of solutions include: CLEO CORE, CLEO FLEX and CLEO SOLO. These packages are specifically designed to deliver safe and efficient patient management and can be adapted for a variety of different settings. These include: NHS 111, Integrated Urgent Care, Walk-in Centres, Improved Access Hubs, Community Dental Centres and Pharmacy settings.


We understand your challenges

Our systems are built with your patient and operational efficiencies in mind. They sit at the central point of any out-of-hospital setting and interoperate with other core third party systems, which means that any efficiencies are noticed immediately. These include enhanced time management, increased visibility of patient volume, and trend information; all allowing for better management of call handling volumes and allocation of clinical staff.

With our systems, clinicians are also able to see the patient's history via access to their Summary Care Record and can then report that information back to their GP. The patient is then seen quickly, at the right location and time which is all seamlessly transferred, saving critical time.

Our Team

Dr Andrew Catto


Andrew has a background as a Geriatrician and General Physician. He holds a wealth of experience from multiple senior medical leadership roles across primary and secondary care.

David Brown

Managing Director

With over 17 years Board level experience and a passion for Digital & Integration technologies that have transformed digital urgent and emergency care, David provides visionary strategic leadership within a fast-paced complex business inspiring change and creation of innovative solutions.

David Baines

Group Finance Director

David is an experienced Finance professional, who brings a deep knowledge of both commercial and NHS financial systems and controls.

Richard Burton

Commercial, Sales & Marketing Director

With over 20 years commercial experience across several industries, Richard is passionate about the power of digital transformation in meeting customer needs. He looks to deliver innovative, intuitive and high performing solutions, ultimately improving the patient journey.

Dr Akash Karki

Non-Executive Director

With a keen interest in health policy, Dr Karki unlocks the value of IT and technology to help our front line teams deliver better care to patients.

Emma Dew

Head of Customer Experience & Marketing

With over 20 years of healthcare technology B2B marketing experience, Emma has a particular love for the customer implementation journey, understanding sector challenges and how technology can fix them as well as marketing healthcare strategy.

Our Mission & Vision

We were born from a passion for technology – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We want to make our mark, providing improved efficiencies, and supporting urgent care providers everywhere, flexibly and expertly – no matter the setting.


Our vision reflects the NHS’s Long Term Plan of making “digitally-enabled primary and outpatient care” mainstream, by bringing technology to the heart of every out-of-hospital health provider in the UK. We’re making it happen by creating a product suite that is easy to use, ahead of its time, flexible, safe and delivers clinical and financial efficiencies.

Our values


We’re committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers and their patients. For our people, we have a host of health and wellbeing initiatives to make sure they’re supported in the workplace.


We have the courage to develop new and improved ways of working. This is how we thrive. We strive to be the best in all we do. We’ll do everything we can to make your experience at CLEO systems the best it can be.


Our people are made to be brave, and at CLEO Systems we celebrate brave ideas and brave people. Innovation is at the heart of what we do.