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CLEO Systems integrates PaCCS within CLEO CORE

Pathways Clinical Consultation Support is live in all CLEO customer sites across the south, east and north west of England.

Published by CLEO Systems on 05/10/2021

CLEO Systems has integrated Pathways Clinical Consultation Support (PaCCS) into its CLEO CORE patient management system and it is now live in all CLEO customer sites across the south, east and north west of England.


Rather than a ‘question and answer format’, PaCCS provides NHS Pathways’ content to clinicians in a consultation format, which supports clinicians performing remote consultations in integrated urgent care settings. The new integration will mean that clinicians using CLEO CORE will have direct access to PaCCS at the touch of a button, while supporting ambulance dispatch, DoS service searching and providing home care advice.


PaCCS is a key element of the NHS Pathways’ strategy to support clinicians in electronic onward referral and is also helping support clinicians in the fight against COVID-19. CLEO Systems’ patient management system CLEO CORE supports Urgent and Primary Care providers to deliver healthcare services in a variety of out-of-hospital settings.


The PaCCS integration with CLEO Core provides the following features:


  • Enables automatic ambulance dispatch
  • Allows Direct Appointment Booking (DAB) into Emergency Departments, Urgent Treatment Centres and GP Practices (when the service is set up to receive DAB)
  • Removes the need for the user or patient having to phone the service themselves
  • Provides clinical templates to support effective triage
  • Provides Range of home management advice



Richard Burton, Commercial Sales and Marketing Director at CLEO Systems says, “It is important for us to be able to provide our customers with the support they need, and that we are up to speed with the latest recommendations, such as our new PaCCS integration, which will support clinicians in their consultations in urgent and primary care.”