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EPS first-of-type for additional prescribing cost centres  

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and CLEO Systems collaborate again

Published by CLEO Systems on 06/03/2024


Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT), NHS England and CLEO Systems have collaborated in a successful first-of-type pilot for additional cost centres (Y-codes) within the electronic prescription solution CLEO SOLO EPS. The team at CLEO Systems has developed new functionality to address the standardisation of the Cost Code Charging Model across Primary and Secondary Care, which has seen the format of EPS request messages being standardised to a single FHIR message format.

CLEO SOLO EPS, which was initially piloted at MPFT in 2022, digitises the process of sending prescriptions to community pharmacies and has achieved remarkable benefits, including significant operational efficiency benefits and improvements from a clinical safety perspective.  This new development supports the NHS Business Services Authority’s ability to identify the appropriate Y-codes or Cost codes from EPS messages and correctly charge back to the correct healthcare service for both Primary Care and Secondary Care - in addition to the original ODS code - as part of the product’s initial first of type accreditation.

MPFT project lead says: “MPFT are delighted to be collaborating again with CLEO Systems and NHS England to bring in this new functionality initially to our Heart Failure and Diabetes services with substantial positive impact.  The success of this means, we can share the benefits with our other physical health service prescribers and service users”.

A prescriber from the first of type advised, “As a service which covers a very large geographical area with a small group of staff, EPS has allowed us to provide some virtual appointments for service users, saving time on travel and allowing staff to facilitate more timely appointments and medication changes for patients”.

Karen Ventura, Product Director, CLEO Systems said: The team at CLEO Systems have been hard at work enabling our customers to meet and exceed requirements, in this case looking at the standardising of FHIR messaging to support multiple EPS cost centres. We are delighted to have worked collaboratively with NHS England and MPFT to ensure that even more healthcare teams can realise the benefits of CLEO SOLO EPS.

CLEO SOLO EPS is an instant electronic prescribing solution which enables quick, seamless, clinically safe prescribing, achieving accreditation from NHS England in June 2022.