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Within an Integrated Urgent Care setting, our end to end patient management software solution takes the patient from the very start of their Urgent Care journey, right through to their discharge or referral ensuring the patient is seen in the most appropriate setting, at the right time.

CLEO CORE Features & Benefits

Developed since 1992, CLEO CORE is a complete patient management system. Used in a range of out of hospital settings including NHS111 and Urgent Treatment Centres, flexible configuration is key to ensure your service is operationally efficient and clinically safe. Interoperability with other primary care systems means your patient pathway will be seamless.



We are proud that CLEO CORE delivers the following benefits 
Intuitive & easy to use clinical triage for call handlers and clinicians alike
Clinically safe and secure transfer of patient data
Digital appointment booking into an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) or Emergency Department (ED) setting
GP & Care Connect Integration
Digital front door integration
Share My Care for special patient notes
Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) Compliance
Medicines Management
Rota Management
Mobile Working
Dashboard and rich reporting functionality

Interoperating with
Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG)
Personal Demographics Service & Summary Care Record (PDS & SCR)
Child Protection Information Sharing (CPIS)
Interoperability Toolkit (ITK)
Directory of Services (DoS)
Third party primary care and 999 systems

The complete, Integrated Urgent Care System