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CLEO SOLO EPS is an Electronic Prescribing Solution for Urgent Care and Outpatient Prescribing settings.

If you are looking for a stand alone electronic prescribing solution that will work alongside your current clinical or patient management system, our EPS solution provides quick prescribing while still ensuring patient safety. 

CLEO SOLO EPS has been developed to enable instant prescribing, using FHIR messaging standards, meaning clinicians can prescribe using seamless spine integration, in a variety of settings. Intuitive to use with only a 5-minute instruction video covering everything needed for your clinician to get going.

CLEO SOLO EPS is a spine connected independent application that can be used in a variety of clinical secondary care outpatient settings. 

Immediate benefits include: 

  • Reduction in mileage for staff to deliver FP10 pads to sites/bases/pharmacies
  • Reduction in stationary costs
  • Reduction in travel time and processing time for prescribers
  • Reduction of incidents including lost/stolen/illegible FP10s
  • Reduction in travelling for patients to collect paper prescriptions
  • Flexibility for prescribers such as prescribing out of hours, evenings and weekends
  • Reduction in time spent by administration staff ordering FP10 Prescription pads
  • Ability to prescribe quickly in an emergency
  • Enhances prescriber supervision

To get a snap shot of our EPS solution, take a few moments to watch our video, download our CLEO SOLO EPS brochure or read our case study in collaboration with Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust